Blue Like Jazz, the movie, based on the book by Donald Miller and produced by Steve Taylor, is coming to theaters on April 13th.

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I had the opportunity last November to attend a Blue Like Jazz screening hosted by Steve Taylor at the Youth Specialties Convention in Atlanta. As we approach the movie’s opening weekend on April 13th, I wanted to share my reactions (WARNING: minor spoilers ahead).

First, Blue Like Jazz: the Movie is a great story – the thread of losing faith and finding it again is told in a really fun and entertaining way (i.e. robots invading a local mega-bookstore, a guy dressed as the pope pushing a shopping cart that’s on fire, the bear, the rabbit, and much more!). Though there’s some creative license taken with the story, it definitely portrays the heart of the book.

Second, it’s not like any Christian movie we’ve seen in recent years. It does not shy away from giving a fairly raw picture of modern college life (when I saw a lesbian girl pee standing up at a urinal while Don Miller is at the urinal next to her I knew this was not a regular Christian movie!). In fact, because of the themes and language,¬†I don’t recommend this movie for young teenagers or kids at all, but on the other hand, I think it could really help older Christian students be a lot more prepared for the crazy, messy stuff they will have thrown at them as college students. And of course college students and young adults will love it.

Finally, I think there is a group of people out there who will really benefit from seeing this movie. This is definitely not a buy-out-the-theater-and-take-everybody-from-your-church type of movie. It will be great, though, for any friends you have who aren’t sure about this Christianity thing, but would be willing to talk about it. It’ll be great for college students and young adults who are trying to understand how to have a faith that they can really call their own. And it’ll be great for believers who’ve been hurt by the church and need a fresh look at how big and great and good God is.

As I said, this movie is VERY different from Courageous, Fireproof, and even To Save A Life – but I do think this film will reach a group of people that Christian movies haven’t yet reached.

Travis Deans

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West Homestead – AMC Waterfront 22

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